Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My first day teaching!

So today was my first day. I must say I am exhausted but it was an experience. My first class was really good, I had some really good students and they liked what we were doing. The second class was the same students but it was reading and they really wouldn't say anything and they got very bored, I really didn't know what to do. My third class was a science class and it was about pitch, sound and volume. I taught this class twice today but the first time was amazing, it was absolutely the best thing ever the whole class was so involved in everything. I started explaining pitch and volume and I sang a high note and a low note. Then when I was explaining volume, I spoke real loud and all the students went flying back in their chairs surprised. I really wish I could get a teaching position that I could teach young kids in foreign countries music, now that would be awesome. Most of my other classes were either okay or extremely noisy and bad! There is a running joke with me and some students from one of the classes earlier in the week. There once was a teacher there who was american. One day a student fell and hit his mouth on the door and covered his mouth and the teacher asked him if he was okay and the student said to the teacher "Pee in my mouth." The teacher was like "What?" He went into the office and told a teacher about it and they said don't you know the Korean word for blood is "Pee" HAHAHAHA!! Everytime those students see me now they start saying that just cause its funny and i crack up everytime. After work I went and ate at the Pizza Hut next door and I mst say Pizza Hut is way different over's good but its not like America. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to take some time to go to TechnoMart. TechnoMart is like 38 stories tall and is absolutely huge!! You can buy almost anything there and there is also a movie theatre in there. Tomorrow I only have 2 classes then i have to proctor a test for the middle school kids. Tuesdays and Thursdays are not really difficult for me but Mondays and Weds. are killer. I miss everyone and I hope to talk to you guys soon..



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