Monday, August 18, 2008

The first few days...

Well, Saturday morning I departed Memphis International Airport and the headed on a 1:45 minute flight to Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota airport. From there i then traveled to Tokyo, Japan to go through the line security line from hell and then I finally made it to Seoul at 11:45 pm Korean time on Sunday. I got to my place and it was totally unexpected if you want to see some of the photos you can go to Then I got up this morning and went to eat I found a Chinese type place that had a beef fried noodle that was amazing. Then I finally met up with Christina again and went to my school. I observed 5 classes and taught one and it was absolutely amazing, these kids are so cute and they seem to want to learn English for the most part. The girl who I am taking over for is named Bessie and she is very cool and I will miss her. We went to the convenience store and got some fast food gimbap. It was very good and I really hate her last day is tomorrow even though my first day is Wednesday. Then after I taught a class Christina took us to this street vendor for an appetizer before our sushi, it was really good but spicy and i cant remember what it was called but it was made from potatoes i believe. Then me and Michael went to this sushi place, and sushi in Asia is so much different from that in America, but it is great, I had octopus, squid, smoked salmon, and a shrimp that had a head to it that you ate as well. It was very good all of it and I am really looking forward to experiencing more. The bad thing...unlike I thought...most Koreans do not know enough English to get you by it is a kind of point and click deal for me right now. Tomorrow Bessie and I are going to go eat some real Korean food and that for one really excites me since I have not been able to experience that yet. Well thats it for now but ill keep you all updated as soon as I have another chance, ill be teaching in 2 days!

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