Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's been a while...

Sorry it has been so long. Last week was extremely crazy and I really wanted to write something but had little to no time. This weekend has been great. There is only one bad thing. My friend Gunu is going back to Germany today and I will miss him, he was my first real friend here in Korea and I thank him alot for that. Anyways back to the story at hand. Last weekend was so awesome, I took the subway to Insadong. I got lost looking for the street and wound up at Changdeokgung Palace where I walked 2.5km and toured this amazingly beautiful palace which you can see pictures of here: The majesty of this place, the beautiful architecture, and the glory of finally seeing the Asia I was hoping for made me want to cry tears of completion. "This is it, This is why I am here" is what kept rolling through my mind while I ventured through this place. It truly is a sight that no picture can capture, only your eyes can truly capture its majesty. Then I went and got some help from some other friendly foreigners and I finally made it to Insandong. I walked up and down the street just taking in all the culture it was incredible. Then I found Nagwon Arcade which had everything music related you could ever want it was absoluetly insane, floor after floor of guitars, recording equipment and everything else...litteraly my heaven! Then I went and ate some Kim Chi Jigae (G-J) and headed back home. The next day I didnt feel very well but I did get out and I bought a psp and got it modified to play downloaded games. Very cool!

This week at school was very tiring. The kids knew a holiday was coming and it made them anxious. I had to sit in on a couple of classes and observe on Wed. when I usually can go home at 6:45. Then on Thursday the person who is over the teachers decided to sit in on two of my classes, one it was good that she sat in on but the other it caused my class to absolutely not do or say anything it was terrible. Then on Friday night, it was mine and Gunu's last night to hang out cause Cheseouk was this weekend and he had to be with family. We went to a PC Bar which is a place with computers and you can play computer games and stuff in there. It was fun but sad cause it was the last time. Then Saturday I went with Ian and some of his friends to a Doosan Bears game. It was alot of fun because I was able to hang out with a big group of foreigners. The game was really intersting cause they have this guy who directs the crowd and people paid more attention to him then they did the game most of the time it was great. Then we went and hung out and talked near Konkuk University which is about a stop away from my apartment. I decided that I wanted to go to the night market and look around so I left and went. I looked around for a while, bought some jeans, ate some fresh pineapple and by the time I knew it, it was past midnight and I had to get a taxi back. I then went and got some pork cutlet to eat, it is extremely popular in South Korea. Then I finally flagged down a taxi and on the way back there was this motorcycle that kept doing wheelies everytime after the light turned green it was crazy. Yesterday, I went to another baseball game and that was about it. I plan to go to COEX mall today and the aquirium, hopefully I will be able to write again soon so it doesnt take up two weeks of time.

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